By: Mr. E

Viper the Ninja vs Primer
A surprise to me to be honest. This match went pretty well. Some back and forth action throughout the entire match. Some outside the ring action drawing in the fans even more. I saw a little bit of Bret Hart (elbows off the second rope) some HBK (Atomic drops 2x) in there. you should know what I'm talking about. Also, Does anyone remember the "Double Axehandle" yeah it was used by Primer. Nothing flashy but effective. Don't really see it at all. These two wrestlers proved that they can really put on a good match. The down side of things...They need to tighten up there moves. A high impact more should look like it just about killed you. If they worked a little more tight this match could of been a match to remember. The ending was okay letting Viper pick up the win with a flip over ace cutter. Again, They need to polish up and tighten up just a little bit more. Overall-Entertaining to say the least.

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