John "The Bomb" Bryar def. "Rugged" Rick Daniels---> good match.  It was a battle of the powerhouses.  Both put on a decent display.
-Kimchee called out Virgil and Virgil made Kimchee tap out---> funny!
-Benny Jux def. "The Distance" Danny Miles--->  really impressed with Mile's in- ring ability as well as high flying.  Not afraid to take a risk.  Jux has the martial arts technique that is unique on its own.
-Bobby Lashley def. Bam Bam DelFonso---> Great match.  BTW picked a great opponent in DelFonso to go up against a superstar.
-AJ Mitrano & Mr. TA def. The Scufflin Hillbillies in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to become the new BTW Tag Team Champs---->  I was disappointed because i was expecting more out of this match.  It was hard to keep up with where the wrestlers were as two were on one side of the building and the other two all the way at the other end.
-Matt Hardy def. "Hurricane" John Walters--->  i really enjoy this match.  Two quality wrestlers able to show off their abilities.

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