-Scotty Vegas def. "Mr. Canada" Ricky Williams in a high paced match. Vegas really got the fans into it and Williams played the heel part to a tee.

-Hobo Joe def. Mason X: I always love when the underdog wins the match.

-Crash Landing def. Sonny Roselli vis DQ to retain the IWE TV Title because of John Fury attacking Crash. The match was by far the best as it was rough hitting, high flying, and good technical wrestling. Roselli really got the fans going.

-Johnny Alexander Primer def. Viper the American Ninja was a good match, really looked good as both wrestlers worked well together

-Jivin Jimmy def. The Dragon Nissa: Jimmy dominated the whole time while entertaining the crowd at the same time

-John "The Bomb" Bryar def. Big Bad Brutis: John tried getting the fans into it but honestly it was slow paced and awkward.

-Main event was Desiree Clash def Aida Marie, the first ever womens match i have seen in IWE and have got to say that it was good. They played their characters well and they landed their moves well. Desiree's finisher clinched the show as great!

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