-Hobo Joe vs. Roadblock----> It was an average match.  Nothing really special.
- "Aftershock" Adam Ricker vs. GM Johnathan Primer----> decent match with an unexpected ending.  Fans were really into it when the decision was overturned.
- Brutis vs. Mason X---->  match was slow, but picked up with interference
- Kactus vs. Rob Marsh---->  I love hardcore matches!  There were times that i even felt the pain.  It was brutal and both wrestlers earn my respect.
- Ryan London vs. Mike the Gambler----> I was really impressed with this match.  Both worked well together.  Mike the Gambler, being new to the scene really caught my attention and hopefully will be used more in the future.
- Brutis & Hobo Joe vs. Roadblock & Mason X---->  Also an average match.  I feel most of the action took place after the match when Roadblock was fired.
- "The Criminal" Aaiden Andrews vs. Crash Landing----> This was a good match.  Just wished it lasted a bit longer

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