- Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Rhodes Scholars---->  Great match.  Fats-paced, a lot of great moves, back and forth with good false finishes.
-Kofi vs. MaGillicutty---->  Job session.
-Same ole song and dance with the promo between Punk and Cena.
-Cesaro vs. Gabriel---->  Another great match between these two.  An in your face with some high flying.  Nice to see the upset.
-Good riddance to Aj being the GM. 
-Ryback vs. Miz---->  Definitely one-sided again.  Gave Miz a reality check!  Get it?
-Bryan vs. Ziggler---->  WOW!  What a match.  Very technically sound and just incredible throughout.
Big Show vs. Kane---->  Slow! Slow! Slow!
- Del Rio vs. Ryder---->  Another job session.
-CM Punk vs. Sheamus---->  PREDICTABLE for a lumberjack match!

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