-Storm vs. Aries---->  So much versatility and momentum throughout the match.  It was finely done!
-Really good setup for the tag team match
-Hernandez vs. AJ Styles----> Hernandez is a stiff worker.  There were some awkward moments but AJ Styles can make any opponent look like a million bucks.
-RVD vs. Zema at BFG!  Interesting.
-Kaz & Daniels vs. Sting & Bully Ray---->  Great match.  Bringing in some old school tactics to the match and the crowd definitely made the match what it was.
-Gail Kim vs. Tessmacher---->  I'm really starting to lose interest in the knockouts division
-Roode vs. J. Hardy----> They worked really well together and at the end had a great lead up for BFG!

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