-Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner---->  Okay match.  Could have been a longer match each showcasing more what Anderson and Gunner can do.
-Tara & Gail Kim vs. Tessmacher & ODB----> An average match, but i think hold my breath to see something special with the knockouts.  I haven't seen it yet.
-Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow at BFG!  Looking forward to this finally.
-RVD vs. Samoa Joe----> For a heavyset wrestler, Joe is a very agile wrestler and i love his finishing move:  the brain buster.
-Chavo vs. Angle----> A very good veteran style match.  I went fluid like throughout.
- Zema Ion vs. Doug Williams---->  A really short match.  Really no point in this match happening as i've seen much better X division matches in the past.  This one sucked.
-Not sure i'm liking the King Mo gimmick
-Bully Ray vs Hardy vs. Aries---->  A very good paced match.  Happy about the outcome with Bully winning.
-  Aces & Eights all the way.  Something is smelling fishy about Bully Ray.

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