- Looks like the TV title is not gone yet!
-Styles & Angle vs. Chavo & Hernandez----> There were some slow moments but a good pace towards the end. 
-Evan Markopolous, who wrestles in Chaotic Wrestling in Mass vs. Doug Williams in Gut Check----> By the the best Gut Check I have seen.  I say yes to Evan to get a contract.  Like i said before, New England Independent wrestling has talented performers.
-Storm vs. Roode---->  What a match!  All around greatness!  This rivalry will be a top feature for TNA.
-Tara calls out Christy Hemme. C'mon?!  Knockouts were good once, i see this starting to slip.
-Aries vs. Bully Ray---->  Did not expect the outcome at all. 
-Maybe a little Attitude Era here in the company.  Just have a feeling about this, especially with the Aces & 8's storyline.

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