This is the reason why i like Sheamus.  He doesn't fool around and puts the
World title on the line tonight instead of SummerSlam vs. Alberto Del Rio

-Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes----> cool maneuvers, but overall an okay
match.  too much focus on the mask.

-If it wasn't for the YES! and NO!
chant battles, Daniel Bryan's character would not have made it this far. 
Thought there might be a match with Kane.  Nope more talking than anything:

-Jinder Mahal vs. 2 hometown Indys----> obvious squash
match.  Ryback comes out, Mahal high tails it out = predictable

-Highlight Reel with Jericho was friggen hilarious.  Y2J is back! YES!  Good
conclusion with Ziggler attacking Jericho

-Again I'm glad the Tag Team
Division is making its way back, but i wished it would have been a fair

-Antonio Cessaro vs. Christain--->  I'm not big on Cessaro's
push but the match was actually decent.  Is the WWE having all these young
talents like Cessaro and Snadow go rough and intense?

-Rey Mysterio vs.
The Miz---->Glad Rey won.  Miz is just awful, can't stand him.  All i see is
a reality show person.  I just don't understand the WWE's point to have him so
high and mighty with the IC belt

-Sheamus vs. Alberto Del
Rio------>No darn match!  What a waste of my time!

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