-Y2J to save the day!  I just don't like Del Rio

-Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. The Miz & Cody Rhodes--->Viva la Lucha Libre! You can tell when Rey and Sin Cara were on offense because of the speed and Miz and Rhodes were more slow-paced and technical

-Hawkins & Reks vs. 2 locals--->  All i have to say is WTF!!!

-Kaitlyn vs. Eve---> I don't think too much of the divas matches

-Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton---> I just couldn't get into the match at all

-Antonio Cesaro vs. Zach Ryder--->  At the beginning of the year, wasn't Ryder getting the push?
-WWE is way too social media influenced!  Twitter this and Tout that! 

-Alberto Del Rio vs. Chris Jericho--->I don't know whens the last time Del Rio had a fair fight because it seems his opponents are always injured, attacked from behind, DQ etc.

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