-  I liked the start of the show.  Real intensity and mic skills of the champ, Austin Aries.

- RVD vs. James Storm----> After the commercial, the match started to pick up the pace, but nothing about the match really jumped out at me.

- Madison Rayne vs. ODB----> match was to the point.  No BS!  Nice to see Eric Young back but did not need to see that segment.

-AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe----> well rounded technical match, i liked this one.

- They made the right decision on Gutcheck!  I'm looking foward to the Joey Ryan and Al Snow feud.

-Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle----> Wow, great match.  Two veterans knowing what they are doing.

- Another great end to the show with an all out brawl with Aces & Eights!!!!

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