- Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe---->  Very decent match.  It had its ups and downs.  It was refreshing to see Hardy use a submission move, especially against the Samoan Submission Machine.

- I'm looking foward to the Samoa Joe and Magnus feud that has heated up!

-Gail Kim vs. Tara---->  Tara is used much better in TNA than the WWE.  So IMO, Knockouts > Divas!

-Joey Ryan angle is working but i do not want them to prolong it.

-Bully Ray vs. RVD----> There was too much grappling which made it very slow paced for me.

- Daniels & Kaz vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez----->  What a Match! Non-stop all the way, but was disappointed how it ended with a DQ.

- I do not care if it reminds people of the NWO and DX days, but I am liking the Ace's & Eights storyline.  I just want to see what

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