-CM Punk vs. Big Slow----> a DQ, i'm not surprised.  Very slow

-JTG vs. Ryback------>  Guess thats what JTG gets for bitchin
and complaining about not getting matches

-Heath Slater vs.
R-Truth----> obvious squash; Primetime Players come out.  Tag Team division
is makin a come back and I love it!

-Sin Cara vs. Tensai------>Nice
to see the Sin Cara of old with all those moves.  I just think Sakamoto is a
punching bag for frustration

-Piper's Pit----> Nostalgic and retro;
it was a pretty good segment

-Triple threat match w/ Miz vs. Ziggler
vs. Jericho----> great match, nonstop, but Vickie needs to go!

-Women's tag match-----> Long yawn!

-Did not need to see Bryan &
Big Slow vs. Cm Punk & Cena again!

-Damien Sandow vs.
Christain-----> I'm telling you that Sandow has pure talent and aggression. 
Will main event soon!

-Contract signing and the end of the show was
lame!  Didn't get to see any real violence!

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