-First 20 minutes was just promos and talking, thats just plain ridiculous. Where's the wrestling!

-CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio voted by the fans, decent match glad to see Rey back

-Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio----> meh, average match

-Big Show vs. Randy Orton---> Big Slow needs to retire and having a double countout adds to crappy match

-Ryback vs. Hawkins & Reks----> still no formidable opponent, kind of tired seeing Ryback demolish week after week.

-Primetime Players vs. Epico & Primo---> good match, glad to see that the tag team division is coming back

-Damien Sandow attacks Brotus Clay----> YES! YES! YES!, i like Damien's character, its ruthless and its stopping the foolishness that WWE has become. They need more wrestlers like that

-Even though Diva matches are boring, i still liked seeing Kelly Kelly and Eve back

-I'm so tired of the build-up of HHH vs. Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Just friggen wrestle already

-Alex Riley vs. Dolph Ziggler, thought it was just gonna be a squash match, i was wrong. Funny ending!

-Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena---> Honeslty i didn't watch the full match. John Cena in the Main event does not appeal to me at all. We need other Main eventers. But i did catch the end, and it was like a rerun of a soap opera. Boring we already know whats going to happen. Come up with some new material, PLEASE!

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